For Steel wire diameter range: .005” to .062” (.127mm to 1.575mm).

Fine wire needs a fine welder. Micro-Weld welders for Copper and Aluminum wire are the finest available.

Standard features include:
  • Straight slide headpiece (model E1C)
  • Capacitor discharge welding system (model SEMT)
  • Adjustable upset pressure
  • Lamp and shear
These fine wire welders have been designed to work harder, last longer and offer continuous operation for excellent quality welds on a consistent basis.
Unit of Measure

Stock Size Range (Copper Wire)

N/A 0.015 to 0.050 inches.381 to 1.27 mm

Stock Size Range (E.C. Aluminum Wire)

N/A 0.015 to 0.050 inches.381 to 1.27 mm

Operating Voltages

N/A 115 V

Input Power Cycle

N/A 60 Hz

Line Demand Per Weld

N/A 10 Amp

Single Phase A/C Transformer

N/A 1.1 KVA

Heat Selection Switch With High-Low Range Switch

N/A 10 point type

Width Across Front

N/A 24 inches61 cm


N/A 24 inches61 cm

Height Overall

N/A 53 1/2 inches136 cm

Welding Die Height

N/A 45 inches114 cm

Welder Weight

N/A 130 lbs59 kg


  • Straight Slide Headpiece
  • A/C Welding Transformer
  • Adjustable Limit Switch
  • Adjustable Upset Pressure
  • Shear
  • Lamp

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