For large Steel rod diameter range: .750” to 1.500” (19.05mm to 38.10mm).
Also available Model MD-8 for diameter range: 1” to 1.75” (25.4mm to 44.45mm).

Micro-Weld MD-6 Flash Welders are engineered for cost efficient, high production, very large diameter steel rod processing. They produce consistently high quality welds uniquely formed under heavy upset pressures delivered by a motor driven cam assembly.

The extra heavy-duty transformer is the most stable and cost efficient available to steel rod producers and processors today.

MD-6 welders have a convenient control station allowing for easy selection of weld modes, flashing speed and heat selection.

The foot controlled individual clamping pedals allow for easy placement and adjustment of material position. The heavy-duty clamping mechanism is pneumatically controlled to assure positive positioning and is equipped with cylinders that have long lasting neoprene diaphragms.
Unit of Measure

Welding Size Range

N/A 0.750 to 1.500 inches19.0 to 38.10 mm

Operating Voltages

N/A 460 V600 V

Input Power Cycle

N/A 60 Hz

Line Demand 460 volts (Flash Cycle)

N/A 25 seconds at 90 amps

Line Demand 460 Volts (Upset Cycle)

N/A 3 seconds at 890 amps

Line Demand 600 volts (Flash Cycle)

N/A 25 seconds at 70 amps

Line Demand 600 volts (Upset Cycle)

N/A 3 seconds at 680 amps

Single Phase Power (at 50% Duty Cycle)

N/A 308 KVA

Power Contactor Type

N/A Magnetic or Solid State

Air Requirements

N/A 80-90 PSI 600 cu. in. per weld (1520 cu. cm)


N/A 4-caster type wheels

Floor Space

N/A 92 x 38 inches234 x 97 cm

Height Overall

N/A 63 inches160 cm

Welding Die Height

N/A 42 inches107 cm


N/A 5770 lbs2620 kg


  • Rugged construction
  • Water cooled components
  • Easy to operate controls
  • Self contained 120 volt safety control circuits
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Dual foot controlled clamping mechanism
  • Unique upset pressure mechanism
  • Heavy duty straight slide movable headpiece
  • Safety flash guard system
  • Heavy duty adjustable weld heat selection switch
  • Mounted on base unit with caster wheels


  • Special voltages
  • Automatic anneal timer
  • Machinist vise
  • "V" type track wheels
  • Export packing
  • Flat stock die sets
  • 50 Hz service
  • XAL type anneal clamps
  • SCR Controlled anneal with automatic IR sensor