For Steel rod diameter range: .250” to 1” (6.35 to 25.4mm).

Big performance, small size. Weld your steel wire or rod up to 1” (25.4mm) in diameter in the most cost-effective manner possible, in the toughest work environment, with reliability and consistency. This super heavy-duty Micro-Weld ADX-1 butt welder comes in a compact size to save valuable floor space.

The ADX-1 offers:
  • Weld and anneal in the same plane
  • Super heavy-duty straight slide welding headpiece for superior weld results
  • Compact heavy duty truck design with space saving foot print
  • Separate welding and annealing circuits built in
Unit of Measure

Stock Size Range (Steel and Stainless Steel)

N/A .250” to 1.00” diameter 6.35 to 25.4 mm

Standard Operating Voltages

N/A 230, 400, 460, 600 V


N/A 60 hertz (50 hertz optional)

Line Demand (Maximum Current Draw)

N/A 390 amps @ 230 volts 225 amps @ 400 volts 196 amps @ 460 volts 156 amps @ 600 volts

Single Phase Transformer

N/A 90 KVA

Heat Selection Switch

N/A 12 point

Upset Pressure Method

N/A Pneumatic

Clamping Method

N/A Pneumatic

Air Requirements

N/A 80-90 PSI

Welding Die Height

N/A 43 inches109.22 cm

Mounting (Truck Type)

N/A 4 heavy-duty casters

Width Across Front

N/A 36 inches91.44 cm

Depth to the Back

N/A 30 inches76.2 cm

Overall Height

N/A 137.16 cm54 inches


N/A 1100 lbs498.85 kg


  • Super heavy-duty straight slide welding headpiece
  • Welding and annealing jaws in the same plane
  • Low voltage safety circuits
  • Super heavy-duty construction
  • Heavy-duty clamping and upset mechanism


  • Machinist vise (adds to the width)