• 3-HP-GP-CA

    Four models for Copper & Aluminum Stranded or Bunched Conductors-size range .038” to .770” (.50mm2 to 150mm2). HP-1 Model welds 8ga to 250MCM (10mm2 to 150mm2)

    Micro-Weld ceramic fusion welders are the standard of the industry and they are used by all the top manufacturers to increase the quality and decrease the cost of their stranded conductors.

    • Weld made within specially designed ceramic sleeve which locks all filaments together producing a weld joint with no burr
    • Easy to set welding parameters
    • Heavy-duty weld heat selection switch
    • Heavy-duty construction and components
    Micro-Weld ceramic fusion welders are used on extrusion lines as well as re-spooling operation. They also help to drastically reduce scrap.

    Models GP-2 & GP-3 also available. Contact Micro-Weld for details.
    GP-2: 12-4ga (4-25mm2), GP-3: 20-4ga (.50-25mm2)

  • AD-New-Web-Large

    Models for copper, aluminum, brass, both stranded and solid.

    • Stranded (sleeveless welding)-size range: 4ga to 2000MCM (27mm2 to 1013mm2).
    • Solid-diameter range: .187” to 1.50” (4.76mm to 38.10mm).

    • Also Available Model AD-10
      Stranded welds up to 5000MCM (2500mm2)
      Solid welds up to 1.75" (44.5mm)
    Featuring extra heavy duty transformers, the AD Series butt welders are engineered for cost-efficient welding of aluminum, copper and brass, for continuous processing of wire, rod and cable products.
    • Welding of solid and also stranded conductors without sleeves
    • Unique two-stage upset (low to high pressure) mechanism
    • Convenient controls for precise selection of heat and spacing
    • Foot controlled dual clamping pedals for easy placement and adjustment
    • Pneumatically controlled heavy duty clamping mechanism for positive positioning
    • SCR electronic weld heat control for precise heat settings available
    • Welding die sets with special “Stellite” inserts for alignment and clamping prevent slippage
    Model AD-10: For details contact Micro-Weld.
  • Silver Solder Brazer

    28 ga through 16 ga solid copper wire or 26-24 ga through 16 ga strand or bunched copper wire.
    .321 to 1.291 mm dia solid copper wire, .129-.205 mm2 to 1.309 mm2 strand or bunched copper wire.

    The Model BU-1 silver solder brazer from Micro Products Company is the easy, fast and accurate way to join fine gauge stranded copper conductor together. Simply place the two ends of the conductor to be joined into the special aligning dies. Insert the silver solder chip and push the operating button to automatically braze the ends together for a strong joint.

    A super sensitive ball bearing headpiece and clamping mechanism insure proper alignment. The stepless braze voltage regulator, voltage meter and timer will give you the exact amount of heat needed every time in either the manual or automatic mode.