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    Models for copper, aluminum, brass, both stranded and solid.

    • Stranded (sleeveless welding)-size range: 4ga to 2000MCM (27mm2 to 1013mm2).
    • Solid-diameter range: .187” to 1.50” (4.76mm to 38.10mm).

    • Also Available Model AD-10
      Stranded welds up to 5000MCM (2500mm2)
      Solid welds up to 1.75" (44.5mm)
    Featuring extra heavy duty transformers, the AD Series butt welders are engineered for cost-efficient welding of aluminum, copper and brass, for continuous processing of wire, rod and cable products.
    • Welding of solid and also stranded conductors without sleeves
    • Unique two-stage upset (low to high pressure) mechanism
    • Convenient controls for precise selection of heat and spacing
    • Foot controlled dual clamping pedals for easy placement and adjustment
    • Pneumatically controlled heavy duty clamping mechanism for positive positioning
    • SCR electronic weld heat control for precise heat settings available
    • Welding die sets with special “Stellite” inserts for alignment and clamping prevent slippage
    Model AD-10: For details contact Micro-Weld.