• 1-E1S-S

    For Steel wire diameter range: .010” to .062” (.25mm to 1.57mm).

    Fine wire needs a fine welder. Micro-Weld welders for steel are the finest available.

    Standard features include:

    • Straight slide headpiece
    • Adjustable upset pressure
    • Lamp and shear
    This fine wire welder has been designed to work harder, last longer and offer continuous operation for excellent quality.

  • GS GT Pic

    Two models for Steel wire diameter range: .020” to .225” (.51mm to 5.72mm).

    Ease of operation, heavy-duty construction and unsurpassable weld quality have all been engineered into these units. Standard features include:

    • Sensitive Straight Slide Movable Welding Headpiece
    • Changeable Welding Dies and Clamp Shoes
    • Annealing devices for both models are available
    • Flash Guards