Four models for Copper & Aluminum Stranded or Bunched Conductors-size range .038” to .770” (.50mm2 to 150mm2). HP-1 Model welds 8ga to 250MCM (10mm2 to 150mm2).

Micro-Weld ceramic fusion welders are the standard of the industry and they are used by all the top manufacturers to increase the quality and decrease the cost of their stranded conductors.
  • Weld made within specially designed ceramic sleeve which locks all filaments together producing a weld joint with no burr
  • Easy to set welding parameters
  • Heavy-duty weld heat selection switch
  • Heavy-duty construction and components
Micro-Weld ceramic fusion welders are used on extrusion lines as well as re-spooling operation. They also help to drastically reduce scrap.
Unit of Measure

Type of Weld Process

N/A Ceramic fusion

Input Power Cycle

N/A 60 Hz

Single Phase A/C Transformer (Maximum Rating)

N/A 38.4 KVA

Welding Range (U.S.)

N/A 8 ga to 4/O AWG-Copper 8 ga to 250 MCM-Aluminum

Welding Range (Metric)

N/A 10.0 to 120 mm2-Copper 10.0 to 150 mm2-Aluminum

Material Suitability

N/A Strand or bunched conductor

Standard Operating Voltages

N/A 240 V480 V600 V

Line Demand

N/A 65 amps on 600 volts 80 amps on 480 volts 160 amps on 240 volts

Weld Heat Selection Switch

N/A 12 point

Clamp Method

N/A Pneumatic, foot controlled

Upset Pressure Method

N/A Pneumatic, adjustable


N/A 4-caster wheels

Height Overall

N/A 46 inches116.84 cm

Floor or Bench Space

N/A 39 x 29 inches99.06 x 73.66 cm

Welding Die Height

N/A 41 inches104.14 cm


N/A 640 lbs290.24 kg


  • Micro-Weld Quality and Workmanship
  • Heavy Duty Construction & Components
  • Easy to Operate Controls
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Easy to Set Welding Parameters
  • Safety Electrical Switch Circuits
  • Heavy-Duty Weld Heat Selection Switch
  • Ceramic Sleeve Acts as Welding Crucible
  • No-Upset Burr Formation During Weld Process, All Strands Locked Into Weld Coalescence
  • Sensitive Straight Slide Moveable Headpiece Assembly Equipped with Ball Bearings


  • 4-Wheel Enclosed Truck
  • 4-Wheel Post Type Truck
  • Special Voltages
  • 50 Hertz Service
  • Export Packing
  • Hand Swage Tool
For HP-1
  • Machinist Vise with Mounting Brackets
  • Pneumatic Square Cut Shear for Conductor End Preparation