Six models for copper, aluminum, brass, both stranded and solid.
  • Stranded (sleeveless welding)-size range: .232” to 1.750” (27mm2 to 1970mm2).
  • Stranded (sleeveless welding)-size range: .232” to 1.750” (27mm2 to 1970mm2).
Solid-diameter range: .187” to 1.750” (4.76mm to 38.10mm).

Featuring extra heavy duty transformers, the AD Series butt welders are engineered for cost-efficient welding of aluminum, copper and brass, for continuous processing of wire, rod and cable products.
  • Welding of solid and also stranded conductors without sleeves
  • Unique two-stage upset (low to high pressure) mechanism
  • Convenient controls for precise selection of heat and spacing
  • Foot controlled dual clamping pedals for easy placement and adjustment
  • Pneumatically controlled heavy duty clamping mechanism for positive positioning
  • SCR electronic weld heat control for precise heat settings available
  • Welding die sets with special “Stellite” inserts for alignment and clamping prevent slippage
Unit of Measure

KVA Rating Aluminum

N/A 135 KVA

KVA Rating Copper

N/A 220.8 KVA

Stock Size Range (Aluminum - Solid )

N/A 0.500 to 0.875 inches12.70 to 22.20 mm

Stock Size Range (Copper - Solid)

N/A 0.375 to 0.750 inches9.52 to 19.05 mm

Stock Size Range (Aluminum Strand)

N/A 250 MCM - 750 MCM 126 to 385 mm²

Copper Strand (Stock Size Range)

N/A #2/0 - 550 MCM 85 to 283 mm²

Line Demand (Aluminum 380 Volts)

N/A 350 Amp

Line Demand (Aluminum 480 Volts)

N/A 280 Amp

Line Demand (Aluminum 600 Volts)

N/A 225 Amp

Line Demand (Copper 380 Volts)

N/A 580 Amp

Line Demand (Copper 480 Volts)

N/A 460 Amp

Line Demand (Copper 600 Volts)

N/A 370 Amp

Max. Weld Duration

N/A 7 Sec.

Power Input

N/A 50 or 60 Hz

Power Contactor Type

N/A Magnetic

Welding Die Configuration

N/A Rectangular 2 Grooves

Welder Mounting

N/A 4 Wheels

Welder - Across Front

N/A 62 inches157.48 cm

Welding Dimensions Depth

N/A 36 inches91.44 cm

Welder - Overall Height

N/A 50 inches127 cm

Welding Die Height

N/A 43 inches109.22 cm

Welder Weight

N/A 1700 lbs770.95 kg


  • Rugged construction
  • Easy-to-operate controls
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Dual foot-controlled clamping mechanism
  • Safety flash guard system
  • Heavy-duty adjustable weld heat selection switch
  • Water-cooled components
  • Self-sustained 120-volt safety control circuits
  • Dual-stage upset mechanism
  • Four-piece welding die set with stellite inserts
  • Heavy-duty straight slide movable headpiece
  • Mounted on heavy-duty truck with caster wheels


  • Special voltages and 50-hertz electrical service
  • Machinist vise with mounting bracket
  • CAL annealing device with mounting brackets
  • Pneumatically operated shear for strand conductor and preparation, square cut
  • Export packing