Micro's RW Series, a totally new generation of butt welders, is ideally suited for either high speed piece production butt welding or just welding wire from coil to coil. Micro Products, the leader in butt welding technology, has used every resource available in the development of the RW Series. We went back to the drawing board and solicited input from everyone involved - from production to maintenance, to engineers, to the operators themselves on what features they desired in an optimum butt welder - including:
  • Superior repeatability
  • Excellent weld integrity
  • A minimum of moving parts
  • Straight slide welding platen
  • A minimum of maintenance
  • High speed
The result is a butt welder with exceptional speed and durability. Just "set it and forget it" for superior repeatability weld after weld after weld. High speed pneumatic clamping and upset mechanism with super smooth ball bearing straight slide shafts make this welder ideal for welding rings or other piece production jobs. But these same characteristics also make the RW series a perfect choice for butt welding from coil to coil.
Unit of Measure

Stock Size Range Diameter Steel

N/A 0.187 to 0.375 inches4.749 to 9.525 mm

Standard Operating Voltages

N/A 460 Std. 230 Opt.

Input Power Cycle

N/A 60 Cycle

Line Demand (230 Volts)

N/A 75 KVA

Line Demand (460 Volts)

N/A Short Circuit Demand

Heat Selection Switch

N/A 10 to 99%

Single Phase Transformer

N/A 20.0 KVA

Air Requirements

N/A 90 PSI

Weld Heat Time

N/A 1 to 99 Cycles

Upset Pressure Method

N/A Pneumatic

Clamp Method

N/A Pneumatic

Mounting (Truck Type)

N/A Enclosed

Height Overall

N/A 49 inches124.46 cm

Welding Die Height

N/A 44 1/2 inches113.03 cm

Floor or Bench Space

N/A 31 x 31 inches78.74 x 78.74 cm


N/A 550 lbs250 kg

N/A Standard Features Include
4 Basic models with wire diameter ranges from .030" up to .500" (.762 to 12.7mm) steel wire, high speed clamping and upset mechanisms, super smooth ball bearing straight slide welding platen, Micro SCR Welding Control, heavy duty Micro-Weld welding transformer, fully enclosed heavy duty truck with swivel casters.

Micro’s Welding Transformer

  • World famous for durability
  • Exceeds the most demanding specifications in the industry
  • Extra heavy duty primary coil and secondary for long life and smooth delivery of power
  • Extra capacity built in

    Micro’s SCR Welding Control is the "Heart of the System"
    It provides pin-point accuracy for the right amount of welding heat and welding cycle duration necessary to obtain high quality welds. It provides consistent repeatability weld after weld. It eliminates the mechanical heat selection switch and the mechanical contactor.

    Micro’s Dependability
    The RW Series carries the Micro-Weld name, known worldwide for making the most durable, trouble-free, electric resistance welders on the market since 1928. Every possible advantage has been engineered "into it" so you get the most "out of it."

  • N/A

    • High speed clamping and upset mechanism
    • Choice of Micro SCR welding control
    • Heavy duty welding transformer
    • Heavy duty cast headpiece
    • Straight slide welding platen
    • Heavy duty fully enclosed truck with 4 swivel casters


    • Special voltages
    • 50 Hertz
    • Pneumatic anneal mechanism
    • Standard anneal mechanism
    • Water cooling
    • Bench mounting